Opportunity: Underinvestment In Female Entrepreneurs 

Empress recognizes the opportunity that traditional venture capital has overlooked: women. The massive economic flow led by women has not empowered female-founded start-ups. According to the New York Business Journal  "Even through the total number of female-founded startups continue to grow, the amount of investment they receive is just a fraction of the total amount of funding available to all new venture funded companies."

Women know their market. They make the purchasing decisions on 85% of the products and services. They know the pain points and limitations of what's available first hand. Yet, when they build business to solve pain points or simply do it better - the funding is limited. There is a tremendous opportunity to identify, invest and ignite high growth start-ups focused on the Female Economy. 


Our mission is to invest in the untapped potential of visionary entrepreneurs driving the next generation of market-defining products and services. 


1. Must have a female founder, owner, or member of C-Suite or commit to recruiting top female talent.

2. Existing recurring revenues with a plan to reach $20+ million in 5 years in a market that can support profitable long-term growth.

3. Technology enabled products and/or services that sell to the female economy.

4. Management team has displayed an ability to execute and operate with high capital efficiency.