Empress Empowers the World's Largest Emerging Economy


Empress is committed to uniting all the female purchasing power around the globe. Through capital and community we are catalyzing an unprecedented movement that will invest, empower and enrich all women owned and women supporting businesses. Women represent the largest emerging economy in the world yet the markets, the jobs, the investments and the opportunities do not reflect this power. Empress will change the ratio.

According to Harvard Business Review, "Women now drive the world economy." Women control about 85% of consumer spending in the US.


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Opportunity: Underinvestment In Women

Empress recognizes the opportunity that traditional venture capital and institutional funds have overlooked: women. The massive economic flow led by women has not empowered female-founded start-ups nor fund managers. According to the New York Business Journal  "Even through the total number of female-founded firms continue to grow, the amount of investment they receive is just a fraction of the total amount of funding available to all new venture funded companies."

Women know their market. They make the purchasing decisions on 85% of the products and services. They know the pain points and limitations of what's available first hand. Yet, when they build business to solve pain points or simply do it better - the funding is limited. There is a tremendous opportunity to identify, invest and ignite high growth firms focused on the Female Economy. 


Our mission is to invest in the untapped potential of visionary entrepreneurs driving the next generation of market-defining products and services. 


1. Must have a female founder, owner, or member of C-Suite or commit to recruiting top female talent.

2. Existing recurring revenues with a plan to reach $20+ million in 5 years in a market that can support profitable long-term growth.

3. Technology enabled products and/or services that sell to the female economy.

4. Management team has displayed an ability to execute and operate with high capital efficiency. 


Promoting DRIVEN ENTREPRENEURS and INVESTORS to Build Great Businesses

Empress is empowering a network of high growth start-ups and investors targeting the Female Economy. Learning from extensive experienced mentors and seasoned managers, the founders are building world class businesses that understand their consumers better.


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Global Opportunity


Empress will source capable management teams with proven business traction and provide mentorship, advice and resources to unlock their full potential over time...over and over again!

Robert Britt   COO&Co-Founder  UpScored

Robert Britt



Shauny Lamba   Founder, Director of Operations  WanderLassi

Shauny Lamba

Founder, Director of Operations


Xenofon Kontouris   Co-Founder  Aeroship

Xenofon Kontouris



Todd Folk   Founder  BFriend

Todd Folk



Victoria Flores   Co-Founder  Lux Beauty Club

Victoria Flores


Lux Beauty Club

Angela Brasington   CEO  Anje Studios, LLC

Angela Brasington


Anje Studios, LLC

Elise Runde Voss   CEO&Co-Founder  UpScored

Elise Runde Voss



Thomas Matzner   Co-founder&COO  PRUV VODKA

Thomas Matzner



Karl   Founder  BFriend





“The relationships and friendships I have made through Empress will stay with me forever. But more importantly, I have gained a mentor who never wavers and gives me tough love when she knows I need it the most. Neelam Brar is the kind of investor a female founder can only dream of. She pushes you to be your best and show results! She truly wants to help women, not just make it a PR opportunity like many do, she means it!”
— Victoria Flores . Co-Founder of Lux Beauty Club
I’ve enjoyed being a part of 30 days of CoWorking because it has encouraged me to set bigger goals for my business, network with other founders, and hold myself accountable. It has also been beneficial to hear from speakers from a variety of companies.
— Shauny Lamba . Director of Operations and Marketing of WanderLassi
“ A lot of work, but that’s exactly why we are here! Being introduced to the myriad of speakers was immensely valuable as well! “
— Todd Folk . Founder and CEO of BFriend
“ Being able to learn from the mentors that Neelam brought in and expand my network through all of the helpful connections is a huge takeaway for me. I like that Neelam held us accountable for goals and to see the progress we’ve made since I started is gratifying. “
— Angela Brasington . Founder & CEO of Anje Studios, LLC
“ Like a bolt of energy. The short timeframe creates an impetus for concise, data based decisions. Most of all, the team aspect, having other people to help and to help me has been the best part...even if it’s just to rant about something non-related. Working ‘remotely’ is great but I’m a team person so I really enjoy the ‘geese flying in formation’ aspect. I’ve made some friends and colleagues I’ll know for years to come. “
— Mary Hermant . Founder of The Queue
“ 30 days of Coworking was a nice experience in camaraderie among startups and exposure to VCs. “
— Poonam Mathis . Founder & CEO of StealthForce
“ My experience during 30 days of CoWorking has been incredible! I have met a bunch of interesting people that have tried to help me succeed any way they can. Also, I have made friends here that will last a lifetime. This program has truly accelerated my business as well as my personal life! “
— Thomas Matzner .Founder & CEO of Prüv Vodka
“ The 30 days CoWorking was an important inventory of daily habits, subtle and refined relationship building. What began as concise moments of mentoring and leadership definately ignited an entire underbelly of possibility as it relates to my brand and its strengths and goals. “
— Kahshanna Evans . Founder, Director of Operations of Kissing Lions Public Relations
“ Epic! Such an unexpectedly wonderful source of opportunity. Plus being held accountable each week by someone as insightful and action-oriented as Neelam is powerful! The downsides: it’s only 30 days. Continuing in this sort of program, structure and environment for another 30-60 days would yield incredible results.”
— Keith Friedlander . CEO of Virtueconomy